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The particular nature of healthcare protection and healthcare insurance requires government intervention. Besides legal aspects, such as the question of social rights, there are purely economic reasons for the government actions. First, being a particularly important public good, healthcare protection could not be regulated by free market in full. There is no perfect model of healthcare protection and healthcare insurance. The socio-economic change of the forms of government has affected the models of healthcare protection and healthcare insurance throughout history. Despite a commonly used phrase “free” healthcare insurance and healthcare protection, the fact remains that it is not free but paid by a society and its members. Although proclaimed by international acts, constitutions and laws, these rights are exercised in the form of the so-called programme principles whose accomplishment primarily depends on the economic wealth of one society. Also, more investment into the field of healthcare insurance does not necessarily imply a better health or a longer life span of the inhabitants of one society. Therefore, available resources are to be used efficiently and economically so that the best possible effects of healthcare protection are achieved within the range of these resources.


healthcare protection, healthcare insurance, government intervention, public goods, healthcare market

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