Koray İbrahim Atabey, Muhammed Çınar

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In this paper, using the fractional difference operator and a modulus function we introduce the concepts of $({}^{}_{2}{\Delta_{\beta}^{\tilde{\alpha}}},f)-$ statistical convergence, $({}^{}_{2}{\Delta^{\tilde{\alpha}}},f)-$ statistical Cauchy and p-strongly $({}^{}_{2}{\Delta^{\tilde{\alpha}}},f)-$ Cesàro summability, $(0<p<\infty)$ for double sequences. We also give some inclusion relations between $({}^{}_{2}{\Delta^{\tilde{\alpha}}},f)-$ statistical convergence and p-strongly $({}^{}_{2}{\Delta^{\tilde{\alpha}}},f)-$ Cesàro summability $(0<p<\infty)$.


Statistical convergence, difference sequence, Cesàro summability

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUMI211029044A


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