Yasin Unluturk, Cumali Ekici, Dogan Unal

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In this examination, we take q-helices into consideration. By q-helices, we mean curves due to the quasi-frame (abbv. q-frame) whose vector fields make constant angles with a non-zero fixed axis. One by one, all types of these q-helices we study in the work are therefore classified in three dimensional Euclidean space. Additionally, we study Darboux q-helices by using Darboux vector obtained with respect to q-frames fields of a curve. For a curve enclosed with q-frame as a general case, we reach some results for Darboux q-helices.


q-frame, q-helices, the relations between q-helices, Darboux q-helices

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUMI221122004U


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