Mohamed Ayatola Drame, Ameth Ndiaye, Abdoul Salam Diallo

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The hypersurface is one of the most important objects in a space. Many authors studied diffrent geometric aspects of hypersurfaces in a space. In this paper, we define three types of 2-ruled hypersurfaces in a Walker 4-manifold. We obtain the Gaussian and mean curvatures of the 2-ruled hypersurfaces of type-1, type-2 and type-3. We give some characterizations about its minimality. We also deal with the first Laplace-Beltrami operators of these types of 2-ruled hypersurfaces in the considered Walker 4-manifold.


2-ruled hypersurface, Walker manifolds.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUMI221202005D


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