Mariam Sheikh, Jafar Hasnain, Nomana Abid, Zaheer Abbas

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In this analysis, the MHD flow and nth-order dispersion of chemically reactive species over a slendering stretching sheet are studied numerically. The partial slip boundary condition and non-linear form of thermal radiation are also considered in this research. To get non-linear ordinary differential equations from the system of partial differential equations governing the flow, energy, and concentration, similarity transformations are applied. Using the shooting technique and the Runge-Kutta scheme, the resultant equations are integrated numerically. The numerical results in terms of temperature, velocity, and concentration are represented graphically. Results from this research indicate that an increase in the wall thickness parameter reduces momentum and heat transfer effects when a magnetic field is present.


Chemically reactive fluid, MHD slip flow, slendering stretching sheet, non-linear Rosseland thermal radiation.

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