Jai Prakash Jaiswal, Arjun Singh Yadav

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The aim of the present paper is to study generalized M-projective - recurrent trans-Sasakian manifold and its various geometric properties. First, we find the sufficient condition for generalized M-projective -recurrent trans-Sasakian manifold to become Einstein. Then non-existence of generalized M-projective -recurrent trans-Sasakian manifold has been shown under certain condition. Finally, the sufficient condition for super generalized Ricci-recurrent was also established.


Trans-Sasakian manifold; M-projective curvature tensor; Generalized - recurrent; Einstein manifold; Super generalized Ricci-recurrent; Quasi-generalized Ricci- recurrent

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUMI1605051J


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