Ximin Liu, Quanxiang Pan


In this paper, we study 3-dimensional  almost $\alpha$-para-Kenmotsu manifolds satisfying special types of nullity conditions depending on smooth functions $\tilde{\kappa},\tilde{\mu}$ and $\tilde{\nu}$=constant, also we present a local description of the structure of a 3-dimensional almost $\alpha$-para-Kenmotsu $(\tilde{\kappa},\tilde{\mu},\tilde{\nu}=const.)$-manifold $(M,\tilde{\varphi},\xi,\eta,\tilde{g})$ with $\tilde{\kappa}+\alpha^{2}\neq0$ such that $d\tilde{\kappa}\wedge\eta=0$.


Almost paracontact metric manifold; almost $\alpha$-para-Kenmotsu manifold; nullity distribution.

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