Gutti Venkata Ravindranadh Babu, Tolera Mosissa Dula

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In this paper, we introduce almost generalized $(\alpha,\beta)$-$(\psi, \varphi)$-contractive maps, and we prove some new xed point results for this class of mappings in b-metric spaces. We provide examples in support of our results. Our results extend/generalize the results of Dutta and Choudhury [8] and Yamaod and Sintunavarat [13].


b-metric space, cyclic (α, β)-admissible mapping, almost generalized (α, β)- (ψ,ϕ)-contractive mappings, fixed point.


$b$-metric space, cyclic $(\alpha,\beta)$-admissible mapping, almost generalized $(\alpha,\beta)$-$(\psi, \varphi)$-contractive mappings, fixed point.

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