Jay Prakash Singh, Lalmalsawma Chawngthu

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The object of the present paper is to study Ricci solitons in \alfa
cosymplectic manifolds. Projective, pseudo projective and Weyl conformal curvature in an \alfa cosymplectic manifolds admitting Ricci solitons have been studied under certain curvature conditions. Also gradient Ricci solitons in \alfa  cosymplectic manifolds have been studied.


Ricci soliton, gradient Ricci soliton, $\alpha$-cosymplectic manifolds, cosympletic manifolds, $\alpha$-Kenmatsu manifolds


Ricci soliton, gradient Ricci soliton, cosymplectic manifold, \alfa cosymplectic manifolds, \alfa Cosymplectic manifolds

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUMI1803375S


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