Kenmotsu manifolds admitting Schouten-Van Kampen Connection

Nagaraja Gangadharappa Halammanavar, Kiran Kumar Lakshmana Devasandra

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The objective of the present paper is to study Kenmotsu manifold admitting Schouten-van Kampen connection. We study Kenmotsu manifold admitting Schouten-van Kampen connection satisifying certain curvature conditions. Also we prove equivalent conditions for Ricci soliton in a Kenmotsu manifold is steady with respect to the Schouten-van Kampen connection.


Ricci solitons, Kenmotsu manifolds, Schouten-van Kampen connection, concircular curvature tensor, projective curvature tensor, conharmonic curvature tensor, shrinking


Ricci solitons, Kenmotsu manifolds, Schouten-van Kampen Connection, concircular curvature tensor, Projective curvature tensor, conharmonic curvature tensor, shrinking, expanding, steady

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