Fırat Yerlikaya, Ismail Aydemir

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We dene a Bertrand-B curve in Riemannian manifold M such that there
exists an isometry \phi of M, that is, \left( \phi \circ \beta \right) (s)=X\left( s,t(s)\right) and the binormal vector of another curve \beta is the paralel vector of binormal vector of \alpha at corresponding points. We obtain the conditions of existence of a Bertrand-B curve in the event E^3, S^3 and H^3 of M. The rst of our main results is that the curve \alpha in E^3 is a Bertrand-B curve if and only if it is planar. Second one, we prove that the curve \alpha with the curvatures \epsilon _{1},\epsilon _{2} in S^3 is a Bertrand-B curve if and only if it is satises \epsilon _{1}^{2}+\epsilon _{2}^{2}=1. Finally, we state that there not exists a Bertrand-B curve in H^3.


Bertrand-B curve; isometry; curvature.


Bertrand-B curve; Bertrand-B mate; Type-2 Bishop frame; Space form.

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