Vector Bundles and Paracontact Finsler Structures

Esmaeil Peyghan, Esa Sharahi

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Almost paracontact and normal almost paracontact Finsler structures on a vector bundle are defined. Finding some conditions, integrability of these structures are studied. Moreover, we define paracontact metric, para- Sasakian and K-paracontact Finsler structures and study some properties of these structures. For a K-paracontact Finsler structure, we find the vertical and horizontal flag curvatures. Then, defining vertical φ-flag curvature, we prove that every locally symmetric para-Sasakian Finsler structure has negative vertical φ-flag curvature. Finally, we define the horizontal and vertical Ricci tensors of a para-Sasakian Finsler structure and study some curvature properties of them.


Finsler structure, paracontact structure, Sasakian structure, symmetry, vector bundle.


Finsler structure, paracontact structure, Sasakian structure, symme- try, vector bundle

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