Ganga Prasad Yadav, Paras Nath Pandey

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In this paper, we find the conditions to characterize projective change between two  (A, B)-metrics, such as exponential (A, B)-metric,  and Randers metric L=A+B on a manifold with dim n > 2, where A and A are two Riemannian metrics, B and B are two non-zero 1-forms. Further, we discussed the special curvature properties of two classes of (A, B)-metrics.



Finsler space, (A, B)-metric, projective change, Randers metric, Berwlad, Riemannian metric.


Finsler space, (A, B )-metric, Projective change, Randers metric, Berwlad, Riemannian metric.

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