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The object of this paper is to study Codazzi type of Ricci tensor in generalized $(k,\mu )$-paracontact metric manifolds. Next we study cyclic parallel Ricci tensor in generalized $(k,\mu )$-paracontact metric manifolds. Further, we characterized generalized $(k,\mu )$-paracontact metric manifolds whose structure tensor $\phi$ is $\eta$-parallel. Finally, we investigate locally $\phi$-Ricci symmetric generalized $(k,\mu )$-paracontact metric manifolds.


Generalized $(k,\mu )$-paracontact metric manifold, Codazzi type of tensor, cyclic parallel Ricci tensor, $\eta$-parallel $\phi$-tensor, locally $\phi$-Ricci symmetric.


Generalized $(k,\mu)$-paracontact metric manifold, Codazzi type of tensor, cyclic parallel Ricci tensor, $\eta$-parallel $\phi$-tensor, locally $\phi$-Ricci symmetric.

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