Wenfeng Ning, Ximin Liu, Jin Li

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In this paper, we study the quasi-conformal curvature tensor C and projective curvature tensor P on a (k, µ)'-almost Kenmotsu manifold M^2n+1 of dimension
greater than 3. We obtain that if M 2n+1 is non-Kenmotsu and satisfies R · C = 0 or
P · P = 0, then it is locally isometric to the Riemannian product H^(n+1)(-4) × R^n.


Almost Kenmotsu manifold, (k, µ)′-nullity condition, quasi-conformal curvature tensor, projective curvature tensor


Almost Kenmotsu manifold;(k, µ)'-nullity distribution; projective curvature tensor

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