On a Subspace of a Special Finsler Space

Vivek Kumar Pandey, P. N. Pandey

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The present paper deals with the properties of a Finsler space  whose metric is obtained from the metric of another Finsler space  defined over the same manifold, with the help of a contravariant vector  satisfying the condition , where ,  and  are metric function, angular metric tensor and Cartan tensor of  respectively and  is a scalar function. Apart from obtaining expressions for different geometric objects of , a subspace of  is studied. Apart from other results for the subspace of , certain conditions for a subspace of   to be totally geodesic and projectively flat have been obtained. 


Finsler space; subspace; projective change; totally geodesic subspace; projectively flat space


Finsler space, subspace, projective change, totally geodesic subspace, projectively flat space.

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