Study of a hyperbolic Kaehlerian manifold equipped with a quarter-symmetric metric connection

Braj Bhushan Chaturvedi, B. K. Gupta

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This paper contains the study of a hyperbolic Kaehlerian manifold with differentaproaches. We consider a hyperbolic Kaehlerian manifold with a quartersymmertricmetric connection and obtained an expressions for holomorphic conharmoniccurvature tensor, conformal curvature tensor with respect to a quartersymmetricmetric connection . We have also studied holomorphic conharmonicrecurrent, conformal recurrent and weyl projective recurrent with respect to aquarter-symmetric metric connection.


Hyperbolic Kaehlerian manifold, quarter- symmetric metric connection, conformal recurrent curvature, weyl projective recurrent curvature and holomorphic conharmonic recurrent curvature.

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