Mohd Danish Siddiqi, Oğuzhan Bahadır

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The objective of the present paper is to study the $\eta$-Ricci solitons on Kenmotsu manifold with generalized symmetric metric connection of type $(\alpha,\beta)$. There are discussed Ricci and $\eta$-Ricci solitons with generalized symmetric metric connection of type $(\alpha,\beta)$ satisfying the conditions $\bar{R}.\bar{S}=0$, $\bar{S}.\bar{R}=0$, $\bar{W_{2}}.\bar{S}=0$ and $\bar{S}.\bar{W_{2}}=0.$. Finally, we construct an example of Kenmotsu manifold with generalized symmetric metric connection of type $(\alpha,\beta)$ admitting $\eta$-Ricci solitons.


Kenmotsu manifold; Generalized symmetric metric connection; eta-Ricci soliton; Ricci soliton, Einstein manifold.


Kenmotsu manifold, Generalized symmetric metric connection, $\eta$-Ricci soliton, Ricci soliton, Einstein manifold.

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