Faiz Muhammad Khan, Nie Yufeng, Madad Khan, Weiwei Zhang

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Based on generalized quasi-coincident with relation, new types of fuzzy bi-ideals of an ordered semigroup S are introduced. Level subset and characteristic functions are used to linked ordinary bi-ideals and (2;2_(|;qk))fuzzy bi-ideals of an ordered semigroup S: Further, upper/lower parts of (2;2 _(|;qk))-fuzzy bi-ideals of S are determined. Finally, some well known classes of ordered semigroups like regular, left (resp. right) regular and completely regular ordered semigroups are characterized by the properties of (2;2_(|;qk))-fuzzy bi-ideals.


fuzzy bi-ideals; ordered semigroup; level subset; characteristic functions.

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