Neslihan Boztaş, Mehmet Küçükaslan

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Let p(n) and q(n) be nondecreasing sequence of positive integers such that p(n) < q(n) and limn→∞ q(n) = ∞ holds. For any r ∈ Z^+, we define D_p,q^+r- statistical convergence of ∆^+r x where ∆^+r is r- th difference of the sequence (x_n). The main results in this paper consist in determining sets of sequences χ and χ' of the form [D_ p^q]_0 α satisfying χ ⊂ [D_p^q]_0(∆^+r ) ⊂ χ ' and sets φ and φ' of the form [D_p^q]_α satisfying φ ≤ [D_p^q]_∞(∆^+r ) ≤ φ'  .


D_p^q (∆^+r )-statistical convergence; summability methods; Deferred Cesaro mean; sequence space.

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