Ivan P. Rozhnov, Victor I. Orlov, Lev A. Kazakovtsev

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The k-means algorithm with the corresponding problem formulation is one of the first methods that researchers use when solving a new automatic grouping (clus-tering) problem. Its improvement, modification and combination with other algorithms are described in the works of many researchers. In this research, we propose new al-gorithms of the Greedy Heuristic Method, which use an idea of the search in variable neighborhoods for solving the classical cluster analysis problem, and allows us to obtain a more accurate and stable result of solving in comparison with the known algorithms. Our computational experiments show that the new algorithms allow us to obtain re-sults with better values of the objective function value (sum of squared distances) in comparison with classical algorithms such as k-means, j-means and genetic algorithms on various practically important datasets. In addition, we present the first results for the GPU realization of the Greedy Heuristic Method.


Greedy Heuristic; clustering problem; GPU; k-Means Problem; variable neighborhoods.

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