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A set $W$ of vertices in a graph $G$ is called a resolving set
for $G$ if for every pair of distinct vertices $u$ and $v$ of $G$ there exists a vertex $w \in W$ such that the distance between $u$ and $w$ is different from the distance between $v$ and $w$. The cardinality of a minimum resolving set is called the metric dimension of $G$, denoted by $\beta(G)$. A resolving set $W'$ for $G$ is fault-tolerant if $W'\setminus \left\lbrace w\right\rbrace $ for each $w$ in $W'$, is also a resolving set and the fault-tolerant metric dimension of $G$ is the minimum cardinality of such a set, denoted by $\beta'(G)$. The circulant graph is a graph with vertex set $\mathbb{Z}_{n}$, an additive group of integers modulo $n$, and two vertices labeled $i$ and $j$ adjacent if and only if $i -j \left( mod \ n \right)  \in C$, where $C \in \mathbb{Z}_{n}$ has the property that $C=-C$ and $0 \notin C$. The circulant graph is denoted by $X_{n,\bigtriangleup}$ where $\bigtriangleup = \vert C\vert$. In this paper, we study the fault-tolerant metric dimension of a family of circulant graphs $X_{n,3}$ with connection set $C=\lbrace 1,\dfrac{n}{2},n-1\rbrace$ and circulant graphs $X_{n,4}$ with connection set $C=\lbrace \pm 1,\pm 2\rbrace$.


Circulant graphs; resolving set; fault-tolerant metric dimension

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUMI1904781S


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