Design and Implementation of Efficient Integrated System for Physical Medicine with Centralized Management over Computer Network

Vladimir Ciric, Vladimir Simic, Oliver Vojinovic, Teufik Tokic, Emina Milovanovic, Igor Milovanovic, Ivan Milentijevic

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The cabinets for physical therapy are provided with various de-vices which shorten the time needed for patients’ recovery and healing. Atypical physical medicine cabinet has tens of stand-alone devices for differentpurposes. These are the devices which perform biostimulation using diady-namic or interferential electrical currents, ultrasound waves, vacuum impulses,electromagnetic fields, etc. The aim of this paper is to present hardware andsoftware components, and developed network protocol for integrated system ofdevices for physical medicine, based on the existing products of Elektromedic-ina company, with key feature that allows the devices to be centrally managedand monitored. This paper addresses the system’s architecture, user interfacesboth for devices and centralized server console, network protocol for communi-cation between devices and centralized management station, the scheduler, andthe therapy procedure within the system. It will be shown that the efficiency ofthe integrated system, measured in the time-per-patient and patients-per-day,compared with the efficiency of regular physical therapy cabinet is increasedby more than 20%.

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