Modied Genetic Algorithm with Greedy Heuristic for Continuous and Discrete p-Median Problems

Lev Aleksandrovich Kazakovtsev, Victor Orlov, Aljona Aleksandrovna Stupina, Vladimir Kazakovtsev

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Genetic algorithm with greedy heuristic is an efficient method for solvinglarge-scale location problems on networks. In addition, it can be adapted for solvingcontinuous problems such as k-means. In this article, authors propose modicationsto versions of this algorithm on both networks and continuous space improving itsperformance. The Probability Changing Method was used for initial seeding of thecenters in case of the p-median problem on networks.Results are illustrated by numerical examples and practical experience of clusteranalysis of semiconductor device production lots.


Genetic algorithms, p-median problem, k-means

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