Ivan M. Petković, Đorđe Herceg

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The rapid development of digital computer hardware and software has had a dramatic influence on mathematics, and contrary. The advanced hardware and modern sophistical software such as computer visualization, symbolic computation, computerassisted proofs, multi-precision arithmetic and powerful libraries, have provided resolving many open problems, a huge very difficult mathematical problems, and discovering new patterns and relationships, far beyond a human capability. In the first part of the paper we give a short review of some typical mathematical problems solved by computer tools. In the second part we present some new original contributions, such as intriguing consequence of the presence of roundoff errors, distribution of zeros of random polynomials, dynamic study of zero-finding methods, a new three-point family of methods for solving nonlinear equations and two algorithms for the inclusion of a simple complex zero of a polynomial.


Experimental mathematics, computer graphics, symbolic computation, visualization of iterative processes, interval arithmetic, roundoff error

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