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In 2020, Olia et al. [Olia, Z. E. D. D., Gordji, M. E. and Bagha, D. E. (2020). Banach fixed point theorem on orthogonal cone metric spaces. FACTA Universitatis (NIS) Ser. Math. Inform, 35, 1239-1250] examined orthogonal cone metric spaces. They assumed that P is a normal cone with normal constant K and that self mapping T is orthogonal continuous on the orthogonal cone metric space X in their study. This study now presentes certain required definitions on orthogonal cone metric spaces that were not previously given in [9]. The examples that show the link between existing and new definitions have also been included. The results are also generalized by eliminating the normalcy condition and utilizing point orthogonal continuity instead of general orthogonal continuity in the major results of [9]. The fundamental finding of the study is then generalized by removing the requirement of orthogonal continuity and introducing normality. In addition, certain outcomes of stated theorems are proven, and some examples are provided to demonstrate these theorems.


fixed point theorem, metric spaces, orthogonal continuity.

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