Nenad O. Vesić, Aleksandra Mihajlović

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This research is motivated by similarity of basic equations of $F$-planar mappings of symmetric affine connection space $\mathbb A_N$ involved by J. Mike� and N. S. Sinyukov, and which have been studied by Mike��s research group (I. Hinterleitner, P. Pe\v ska, \linebreak J. Str\'ansk\'a) and almost geodesic mappings (specially almost geodesic mappings of the second type) ofthe space $\mathbb A_N$ involved by N. S. Sinyukov and which have been studied by many authors. We used the formulas obtained by N. O. Vesic to obtain invariants for special $F$-planar mappings in this article. These invariants are analogous to invariants of geodesic mappings (the Thomas projective parameter and the Weyl projective tensor).


$F$-planar mapping, invariant, affine connection spaces

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