Manish Kumar Gupta, Paras Nath Pandey

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In this paper, we discuss the Finsler spaces $(M^n,L)$ and $(M^n,\,^{*}L)$, where $^{*}L(x,y)$ is obtained from $L(x,y)$ by Kropina change $^{*}L(x,y)=\frac{L^2(x,y)}{b_i(x,y)\,y^i}$ and $b^{}_{i}(x,y)$ is an \textsl{h}-vector in $(M^n,L)$. We find the necessary and sufficient condition when the Cartan connection coefficients for both spaces $(M^n,L)$ and $(M^n,\,^{*}L)$ are the same. We also find the necessary and sufficient condition for Kropina change with an \textsl{h}-vector to be projective.


Finsler space, Kropina change, \textsl{h}-vector.

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