Dragan Mišić, Miodrag Manić, Nikola Vitković, Nikola Korunović

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The adjustment of products to the needs of customers has been present in various industries for many years. Personalized medicine is a field that has been rapidly developing recently. This kind of medical help mainly implies the use of medications which are adjusted to each patient individually. In this paper, we describe an information system which manages the process of designing and manufacturing personalized products in the area of orthopaedics. The system output comprises patient-adjusted orthopaedic implants. In addition to the process management, the information system ought to enable the process to be adjusted to unexpected situations which may occur in different stages of designing and manufacturing. The information system should also assist doctors and engineers in the decision making process. This aid is realized in the form of the expert system which provides doctors and engineers with advice about defining an appropriate treatment for the patient.

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