Aleksandar Miltenović, Milan Banić, Jovan Tanasković, Jelena Stefanović-Marinović, Damjan Rangelov, Marko Perić

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The paper presents a wear load capacity of crossed helical gears (gear pair consists of a worm and a helical gear). Crossed helical gears are similar to worm gear pairs, and it is logical to extend the load capacity calculation approach of worm gears for the case of crossed helical gears. One of the disadvantages of crossed helical gear sets is very high running-in wear. The paper explains the transition between running-in and steady-state wear and proposes a joint wear calculation model. The paper outlines a proposal to extend the calculation method for wear load capacity from a worm gear pair to the case of crossed helical gears (a worm with a helical gear). This calculation method for determining the wear load capacity of crossed helical gears is verified for the cases when the wheel is of bronze CuSn12Ni2-C-GCB and sintered steel Fe1.5Cr0.2Mo.


Crossed Helical Gears, Wear, Bronze, Sintered Steel, Load Capacity

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