Ji-Huan He, Galal M. Moatimid, Marwa H. Zekry

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A critical hurdle of a nonlinear vibration system in a fractal space is the inefficiency in modelling the system. Specifically, the differential equation models cannot elucidate the effect of porosity size and distribution of the periodic property. This paper establishes a fractal-differential model for this purpose, and a fractal Duffing-Van der Pol oscillator (DVdP) with two-scale fractal derivatives and a forced term is considered as an example to reveal the basic properties of the fractal oscillator. Utilizing the two-scale transforms and He-Laplace method, an analytic approximate solution may be attained. Unfortunately, this solution is not physically preferred. It has to be modified along with the nonlinear frequency analysis, and the stability criterion for the equation under consideration is obtained. On the other hand, the linearized stability theory is employed in the autonomous arrangement. Consequently, the phase portraits around the equilibrium points are sketched. For the non-autonomous organization, the stability criteria are analyzed via the multiple time scales technique. Numerical estimations are designed to confirm graphically the analytical approximate solutions as well as the stability configuration. It is revealed that the exciting external force parameter plays a destabilizing role. Furthermore, both of the frequency of the excited force and the stiffness parameter, execute a dual role in the stability picture.


Fractal vibration theory, Duffing-Van der Pol oscillator, Homotopy perturbation method, Expanded frequency analysis, Linearized stability theory, Multiple timescales technique

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