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The present investigation examines the range of effect of nonlocal parameters on dynamic behavior of a smart beam-like nanostructure modeled as sandwich functionally graded porous nanobeam with piezoelectric layers. Therefore, the study is concentrated on determining length of the structure for which nonlocal effects are observed for vibration of nanobeam under in-plane electro-mechanical forces. The nanobeam-based NEMS device model is obtained based on assumptions of the nonlocal strain gradient theory in conjunction with Reddy higher-order shear deformation theory. The investigation present differences in obtained results for nanostructure’s free vibration based on classical and nonlocal assumptions. To study range of application of nonlocal parameters for different length of simply supported nanobeam, defined eigenvalue problem is solved in view of variation of length to thickness ratio, distribution of material properties, as well as electro-mechanical loads. What is more, the study attempts to determine and calibrate values of size-dependent coefficients based on expected natural frequencies, material properties, and applied loads. The results are completed with extensive discussion on the dependence of nonlocal parameters on nanobeam’s dynamic response, thus may be an important step forward to extend understanding of ultra-small structure’s behavior.


Nanobeam, FGM, Porosity, Piezoelectric effect, Free vibration, Detected nonlocal parameters

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