Mohammad Ghalambaz, Haichuan Jin, Amirhossein Bagheri, Obai Younis, Dongsheng Wen

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Nano-encapsulated phase change suspension is a novel type of functional fluid in which the nanoparticles undergo phase change that contribute to heat transfer. Thus, the working fluid carries heat not only by sensible heat but also in the form of latent heat stored in the particles. The natural convection and heat transfer of Nano-Encapsulated Phase Change Materials (NEPCMs) suspensions within a boundary layer along a heated flat surface are theoretically investigated in this work. The nanoparticles are core-shell structured with the core fabricated from PCMs covered by a solid shell. A similarity solution approach along with the finite element method is employed to address the phenomena. The outcomes indicate that a decisive factor in boosting the heat transfer is the temperature at which NEPCM particles undergo the phase transition. The heat transfer parameter can be enhanced by about 25% by just adding 5% of NEPCM particles, compared to the case with no NEPCM particles.


Nano-encapsulated phase change materials; Phase change materials; Boundary layer heat transfer enhancement; similarity solution

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