Sayanta Chakraborty, Apu Kumar Saha

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In material handling, warehousing, manufacturing and construction applications, forklifts are vital equipment, which are used to engage, lift and move palletized items. So, selection of the most appropriate forklift is an essential task for transportation of materials in warehouses for optimal use of the equipment. The present treatise introduces a well-known multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) technique, namely fully consistent method (FUCOM) under neutrosophic environment (NE) to model and solve the problem of selecting the best forklift for warehouse. In this regard, the linguistic assessments of the criteria have been represented in terms of single valued triangular neutrosophic numbers (SVTNNs). A novel triangular neutrosphic score function and ranking function are also proposed. To calculate criteria weights, a novel SVTN linear programming problem (SVTNLPP) has been developed. The alternatives have been ranked through multi-objective optimization on the basis of ratio analysis (MOORA). The robustness, consistency and reliability of the proposed integrated method have been checked through comparative and sensitivity analyses. This study makes a significant contribution by developing an original integrated model which provides warehousing system managers a quantifiable analysis, based on which they may make future decisions in order to improve the overall efficiency of the organization in transport handling.


Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Fully Consistent Method, Neutrosophic Set, Forklift, Warehouse, MOORA

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