Byungil Hwang, Yurim Han, Paolo Matteini

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Enhancing the mechanical reliability of metal interconnects is important for achieving highly reliable flexible/wearable electronic devices. In this study, Ag nanowire and Cu thin-film hybrid interconnects were explored as a novel concept to enhance mechanical reliability under bending fatigue. Bending fatigue tests were conducted on the Cu thin films and Cu/Ag nanowire/polyimide (CAP) interconnects. The increase in resistance was larger for the Cu thin films than for the CAP. The single-component Cu electrodes showed multiple crack initiation and propagation due to bending strain, which degraded the electrical conductivity. In CAP, however, no long-range cracks were observed, even after 300,000 cycles of bending, although a wavy structure was observed, probably due to the delamination of the Ag nanowires under repeated bending. Our study confirms that flexible Ag nanowire and metal thin-film hybrids can enhance the mechanical reliability of metal thin-film interconnects under bending fatigue.


Thin film, Stability, Bending, Ag Nanowire, Flexibility

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