Zhaohua Wang, Guobiao Yang, Yinxu Sun, Yongxin Li, Fenghe Wu

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In this paper, an improved bare-bones multi-objective particle swarm algorithm is proposed to solve the multi-objective size optimization problems with non-linearity and constraints in structural design and optimization. Firstly, the development of particle individual guide and the randomness of gravity factor are increased by modifying the updated form of particle position. Then, the combination of spatial grid density and congestion distance ranking is used to maintain the external archive, which is divided into two parts: feasible solution set and infeasible solution set. Next, the global best positions are determined by increasing the probability allocation strategy which varies with time. The algorithmic complexity is given and the performance of solution ability, convergence and constraint processing are analyzed through standard test functions and compared with other algorithms. Next, as a case study, a support frame of triangle track wheel is optimized by the BB-MOPSO and improved BB-MOPSO. The results show that the improved algorithm improves the cross-region exploration, optimal solution distribution and convergence of the bare-bones particle swarm optimization algorithm, which can effectively solve the multi-objective size optimization problem with non-linearity and constraints.


Optimization, Multi-objective, Particle swarm, BB-MOPSO

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