Zhibin Zhao, Wenjie Zhou, Peijun Liu, Zhirui Liu

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Sensor aging and sensor failure are the common phenomena due to the high temperature and pressure environment for gas turbines, which can lead to hysteresis of monitoring signals. In this paper, a kind of aero-derivative gas turbine is taken as the research object. The hysteresis effects of single monitoring signal and coupling of multiple monitoring signals on speed control are mainly studied, and the analysis is carried out from the perspective of adjustment time, overshoot, fuel quantity and fuel quantity regulation output. The analysis results show that the pressure signal hysteresis will lead to speed suspension. The speed signal hysteresis will change the speed regulation into a multi-step mode. When the monitoring signal hysteresis is coupled, the effect of pressure signal hysteresis is greater than that of speed signal hysteresis. The results of this paper can provide a reference for the optimal design of speed control of aero-derivative gas turbine.


Aero-derivative gas turbine, Pressure signal hysteresis, Speed signal hysteresis, Hysteresis coupling, Multi-step mode

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