Babak Safaei, Emmanuel Chukwueloka Onyibo, Mehmet Goren, Kamila Kotrasova, Zhicheng Yang, Samaneh Arman, Mohammed Asmael

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In this paper, free vibration, modal and stress state analyses of honeycomb sandwich structures with different boundary conditions was investigated and major factors affecting the sandwich frequencies and stiffness due to material or parameter changes were determined. The representative volume element (RVE) method used in this work were analytically and numerically validated by comparing the obtained results to those available in literature. Firstly, unit cell method was used to capture the entire effects of different parameters on the free vibration of honeycomb sandwich structure in ANSYS. This study analyzed the natural frequencies of honeycomb sandwich structures with different core materials combination. The effects of foil thickness, boundary conditions, materials selection, density and presence of crack on sandwich structure were taken into consideration and examined. The proposed core had an inbuilt shaped reinforcement with different materials for effective resonance, fatigue and deformation resistance at much higher frequency.


Honeycomb Sandwich Beam; Free vibration; Representative volume element; Mechanical properties

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