Walid Boukera Abaci, Nebojsa Hristov, Igor Radisavljevic, Lazar Stojnic, Aleksa Anicic

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The paper presents experimental and numerical investigations on the performances of a small caliber rifle barrel during its lifecycle. Two 7.62 mm rifle barrels were used, the first was considered as a standard barrel, the second barrel was subjected to an accelerated life cycle test. Measurements of the muzzle velocity, the rate of fire and the firearm accuracy and precision were carried out. The paper presents the correlation between the measured parameters and the total number of shots fired. After the durability tests, longitudinal cross sections were made by cutting the tested and the standard barrels. 3D scanning was employed to perform a comparison between the tested and the standard bore surfaces. ANSYS Explicit dynamic analyses were performed based on the obtained surface scans. The numerical analyses results of the tested and the standard barrels showed good agreement with the experimental and the numerical internal ballistic model results.


Accelerated lifecycle tests, Muzzle velocity, Rate of firing, Accuracy, Precision, Bore damage, 3D scanning, Explicit dynamic analysis

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