Sujeet Kumar Chaubey, Kapil Gupta, Miloš Madić

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This paper presents the results of an investigation conducted on wire electric discharge machining (wire-EDM) of miniature ratchet gears. Effects of three important process parameters spark duration, ‘Ton’, spark-off-duration ‘Toff’, and wire tension ‘WT’ on surface quality, i.e., mean roughness depth ‘Rz’ and productivity, i.e., material erosion speed ‘MES’, have been investigated by conducting seventeen experimental trials. Both Ton and Toff have been identified as the significant parameters. Further, an optimization of wire-EDM parameters resulted in simultaneously best compromise values of Rz 5.30 µm and MES 6.75 mm/min and is achieved the following cutting regime: Ton 1.5 µs, Toff 42.5 µs, and WT 1500 g. At the end, surface quality study has been conducted to evaluate the tribological fitness of the miniature ratchet gear machined at optimum combination of wire-EDM parameter values. It was investigated that the generation of uniform and shallow craters on the flank surfaces of ratchet gear machined at optimum values of parameters, imparted smoother bearing area curve and lower coefficient of friction. The profile and flank surface of the ratchet gear also found free from cracks, burrs, and dirt.


Optimization, Ratchet Gear, Surface Roughness, Tribology, Wire-EDM

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