Cheng Zhang, Songxiao Li, Zhuo Zhang

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The dynamic simulation modeling problem of industrial robot arm is solved, and the trajectory planning dynamic simulation is performed in this paper. In response to the lack of trajectory planning and motion controller interfaces in the robotic modelling study, including the lack of dynamic simulation visualization, a Simscape Multibody-based method for building a dynamic model of industrial robot arm is proposed and the effectiveness of the model is verified through dynamic simulation. The simulation model integrates the robotic arm trajectory planning, motion controller and data acquisition module. It has a clear structure and the parameters are easy to modify. It can reasonably simulate the structure and parameters of the research object and facilitate the subsequent research of related algorithms. It provides an innovative and open-source research and development platform for the dynamic simulation study of the robot arm.


Robotic Dynamic Model, Industrial Robot Arms, Robot Simulation System, Simscape Multibody

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