Hamid Al-Abboodi, Huiqing Fan, Mohammed Al-Bahrani, Abdelsalam Abdelhussien, Barhm Mohamad

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In order to evaluate the model metallic glass alloy’s mechanical properties (Fe49.7 Cr17.1 Mn1.9 Mo7.4 W1.6 B15.2 C3.8 Si2.4) prepared by spark plasma sintering (SPS) which have high velocity.  We made an apparatus having three-point curve testing. The comparatively bulk sizes of sample in the current study permitted the creation samples for test with a macro scale cross-section (range of mm) consistent test dimensions, and well-controlled sample sizes. Cutting using a wire saw produced remarkably sharp notches with a radius that was 3 times smaller than in earlier studies. Our three-point bending apparatus allowed us to acquire the 231 GPa and 4.91 MPam1/2 values for notch fracture toughness and young's modulus. Additionally, the results of the Vickers indentation and flexure tests for young's modulus were reliable. Vickers indentation measurements of indentation fracture toughness produced values that were a minimum of 49.9% lower than those obtained flexure using. The method for examine micro scale mechanical properties described in this study and the accompanying scrutinizes are valid to samples with different ones or compositions that are made by further means.


Metallic glass, Three-point bending, Fracture toughness, Vickers indentation, SPS

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