Minjia Chen, Xingqi Luo, Wanbo Chen, Jianjun Feng, Xiaohang Wang

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Urban water supply and drainage, the shipbuilding industry, the petrochemical industry and other professional fields rely heavily on mixed-flow pumps. Enhancing the efficiency of mixed-flow pumps is crucial for achieving the ‘dual carbon’ goals and promote energy saving and emission reduction. In this study, the guide vane and impeller of the mixed-flow pump were optimised, focusing on its low head and effectiveness in power plants. The performance of the original and optimised pumps was then evaluated under various flow rate conditions, and their hydraulic performance was compared. Results showed that the efficiency of the optimised mixed-flow pump was improved, resulting in effective enhancement of energy loss in the pump passage. The optimised guide vane facilitated smoother water flow into the outlet pipeline, achieving energy savings, emission reduction and contributing to the realisation of the ‘dual carbon’ goals.


Mixed-flow pump, Guide vane optimisation, Impeller optimisation, Numerical simulation, Hydraulic performance

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