Nikola Nešić, Milan Cajić, Danilo Karličić, Mihailo Lazarević, Sondipon Adhikari

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This study investigates the stability of periodic solutions of a nonlinear nonlocal strain gradient functionally graded Euler–Bernoulli beam model resting on a visco-Pasternak foundation and subjected to external harmonic excitation. The nonlinearity of the beam arises from the von Kármán strain-displacement relation. Nonlocal stress gradient theory combined with the strain gradient theory is used to describe the stress-strain relation. Variations of material properties across the thickness direction are defined by the power-law model. The governing differential equation of motion is derived by using Hamilton's principle and discretized by the Galerkin approximation. The methodology for obtaining the steady-state amplitude-frequency responses via the incremental harmonic balance method and continuation technique is presented. The obtained periodic solutions are verified against the numerical integration method and stability analysis is performed by utilizing the Floquet theory.

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