Toufik Mzili, Ilyass Mzili, Mohammed Essaid Riffi, Dragan Pamucar, Vladimir Simic, Mohamed Kurdi

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The quadratic assignment problem (QAP) is an NP-hard problem with a wide range of applications in many real-world applications. This study introduces a discrete rat swarm optimizer (DRSO)algorithm for the first time as a solution to the QAP and demonstrates its effectiveness in terms of solution quality and computational efficiency. To address the combinatorial nature of the QAP, a mapping strategy is introduced to convert real values into discrete values, and mathematical operators are redefined to make then suitable for combinatorial problems. Additionally, a solution quality improvement strategy based on local search heuristics such as 2-opt and 3-opt is proposed. Simulations with test instances from the QAPLIB test library validate the effectiveness of the DRSO algorithm, and statistical analysis using the Wilcoxon parametric test confirms its performance. Comparative analysis with other algorithms demonstrates the superior performance of DRSO in terms of solution quality, convergence speed, and deviation from the best-known values, making it a promising approach for solving the QAP.


Discrete rat swarm optimizer, Quadratic assignment problem, Combinatorial optimization, Swarm intelligence

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUME230602024M


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