Abdelsalam Abdelhussien, Guolai Yang, Emad Kamil Hussein, Lei Li, Hamid Al-Abboodi, Barhm Mohamad

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Composites with fiber reinforcement are often a popular lightweight option. Due to their unique qualities, fiber-reinforced composites are the best alternative to traditional materials. Mechanical parameters of a carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy resin (CFRE) composite reinforced with date seed granulated powder (DSGP) were examined at the room temperature. The mechanical qualities included tensile, flexural, and impact strength. Enhanced mechanical properties were noticed compared to carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composite produced using the hand lay-up method and vacuum bag. The DSGP-reinforced CFRE with weight ratios of 0%, 15%, 25%, and 35% were considered. The test results revealed the maximum values of breaking force, maximum bending force, energy absorption capacity, and hardness number for 15%, 35%, 25%, 25% Wt DSGP samples. The results show that the optimal composition for carbon fiber reinforced epoxy with date seed granules is in the range from 15% to 25% wt. GDS. This study reveals that carbon fiber-date seed-reinforced composites are excellent substitutes for carbon fiber composites since they offer better mechanical properties at a lower cost.


Mechanical properties, Maximum bending force, Energy absorption capacity, Reinforced epoxy, Seed-reinforced composites

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