Darko Božanić, Igor Epler, Adis Puška, Sanjib Biswas, Dragan Marinković, Stefan Koprivica

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This paper presents a multi-criteria decision-making model based on the application of two methods, DIBR II and MABAC. The DIBR II method was used to define weight coefficients. The MABAC method was used to rank alternatives, and it was applied in a rough environment. Four experts were engaged in defining the criteria and alternatives as well as in the relation of criteria. The model was applied for ranking the methods and techniques of Lean organization systems management in the maintenance of technical systems of special purposes. At the end of the application was conducted a sensitivity analysis which proved the stability of the obtained results.


Defining Interrelationships Between Ranked criteria II (DIBR II), Multi-Attributive Border Approximation area Comparison (MABAC), Rough number, Lean concept

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