Peng Wang, Baoying Zhu, Yang Yu, Zeeshan Ali, Bandar Almohsen

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One of the main problems faced by resilient supply chain management is how to solve the problem of supplier selection, which is a typical multi-attribute decision-making (MADM) problem. Given the complexity of the current decision-making environment, the primary influence of this paper is to propose the theory of Dombi operational laws based on complex intuitionistic fuzzy (CIF) information. Moreover, we examined the theory of CIF Dombi prioritized averaging (CIFDPA) and CIF weighted Dombi prioritized averaging (CIFWDPA), where these operators are the modified version of the prioritized aggregation operators and Dombi aggregation operators for fuzzy, intuitionistic fuzzy, complex fuzzy and complex intuitionistic fuzzy information. Some reliable properties for the above operators are also established. Furthermore, to state the art of the proposed operators, an application example in the presence of the invented operators is evaluated for managing resilient green supplier selection problems. Finally, through comparative analysis with mainstream technologies, we provide some mechanism explanations for the proposed method to show the supremacy and worth of the invented theory.


Complex intuitionistic fuzzy sets, Prioritized aggregation operators, multi-attribute decision-making problem, Dombi t-norm and t-conorm, Resilient Green Supplier Selection

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