Sanjib Biswas, Darko Božanić, Dragan Pamučar, Dragan Marinković

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Researchers work hard to embrace technological changes and redefine the quality management as Quality 4.0 (Q 4.0). In this context, the purpose of the current work is twofold. First, it aims to compare the preparedness of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for sustaining in Q4. Second, it intends to propose a novel hybrid spherical fuzzy based multi-criteria group decision-making (MAGDM) framework with Einstein aggregation (EA). A real-life case study on six SMEs is carried out with the help of three experts. For aggregating the individual responses (using spherical fuzzy numbers or SFNs), EA is used. Then two very recent models such as Simple Ranking Process (SRP) and Symmetry Point of Criterion (SPC) are extended using SFN to rank the SMEs. Finally, the validation tests and sensitivity analysis are carried out. It is noted that the application of analytical tools, knowledge management and use of technology under the support and mentorship of visionary leadership are the key criteria for building up the capability to embrace Q 4.0. Interestingly, it is noted that medium scale firms are better prepared than small-scale enterprises. This work is apparently a first of its kind that focuses on SMEs for assessing their quality management practices in Industry 4.0 era.


Quality 4.0, Spherical Fuzzy Sets (SFS), Einstein aggregation, Simple Ranking Process (SRP), Symmetry Point of Criterion (SPC)

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22190/FUME230831037B


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