Vladimir A. Skripnyak, Maxim Chirkov, Evgeniya Skripnyak, Vladimir V. Skripnyak

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The article presents the results of the analysis of mechanical behavior of mechanical layered structures with metamaterial interlayers under dynamic loading. These structures can be used in lightweight structures for damping dynamic loads in transport and aerospace engineering. Structural elements with layers of the mechanical metamaterials have a low specific mass density and high specific strength characteristics. These multilayer structures have a high specific ability to absorb and dissipate the energy of external dynamic loads too. The results of numerical simulation of the response of multilayer structures to dynamic impacts obtained in this work indicate high specific energy absorption and dissipative properties, which make it possible to weaken the pulse amplitude after passing through the layered system and attenuate of cyclic impacts amplitudes. The results obtained indicate the possibility of creating effective mechanical damping structures of the type under discussion.


Layered structures, Metamaterial’s interlayers, Auxetic metamaterials, Pentamode metamaterials, Mechanical response, Dynamic loading

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